Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a mobile fee?

There is no mobile fee for hospitals and clinics between Burlington and Niagara Falls and as far south as Welland, ON. For areas beyond these and within a reasonable distance there is a mobile fee.  The fee will be waived if more than one comprehensive study is booked for a single visit.

What are the prices?

A services overview with a price list will be sent to veterinarians upon request.

How far in advance are appointments made?

Same day appointments are possible if time permits and the patient is properly prepared. Usually an ultrasound is booked with a few days notice.

How long does it take to receive a report?

Reports can be received in as little as 4 hours (if stat) or within a day or two. STAT reports can be requested for a fee.

How long are patients to be fasted prior to an ultrasound?

A 12 hour fast is recommended.

Can the pet have water if fasting for an ultrasound?

Water should always be made available to pets.

What if the pet is diabetic and can not be properly fasted?

Please have pet fasted as long as is felt to be safe – number of hours fasted will be relayed to the radiologist.